Reverse Air or Shake/Deflate Cleaning

Supertech offers a line of fiberglass filter media specifically designed and finished for Reverse Air or Shake/Deflate cleaning that offers superior performance in fossil fuel burning power plants,asphalt production,cement production,carbon black production and refineries.
Fabric Count (wxf) Yarns per inch 54 x 30 44 x 24 44 x 22
Weave Pattern - 1 x 3 RH Twill 1 x 3 RH Twill 2 x 2 Broken Twill
Air Permeability CFM/FT2 at ½ Water Gauge 35 - 65 35 – 65 35 – 65
Cm3/cm2/s 13 – 33 13 – 33 13 – 65
Breaking Strength        
Warp Kg/inch(25.4mm) 90 180 180
Fill Kg/inch(25.4mm) 55 90 110
Mullen Burst psi >500 >500 >500
Weight g/m2 315 – 350 440 – 480 490 - 540
Operating Temperature - 260OC 260OC 260OC

The Reverse Air or Shake/Deflate method of cleaning utilizes low pressure air flow to dislodge filtered particulate from the inside of the filter tube at operating environments of up to 260oC.The cleaning process cycles through compartments in the baghouse requiring each one to be stopped for the cleaning cycle to take place.Air is reversed back through the bag causing it to collapse and the dust collected on the outside of the bags falls downward into a hopper.Typically,this method of cleaning utilizes lighter weight filter media since the processing is not as stressful on the media.

Pulse Jet Cleaning

Supertech’s fiberglass fabrics for Pulse Jet cleaning are engineered to increase the effective surface area of the bag.This provides a higher overallcoverage factor to improve filtration efficiency in the harsh environments created within a pulse jet system.
Fabric Count (wxf) Yarns per inch 48 x 30 48 x 40
Weave Pattern - Double Face Crowfoot Satin Double Filling Face
Air Permeability CFM/FT2 at ½ Water Gauge 20 – 50 20 – 50
Cm3/cm2/s 10 – 25 10 – 25
Breaking Strength      
Warp Kg/inch(25.4mm) 180 180
Fill Kg/inch(25.4mm) 110 140
Mullen Burst psi >500 >500
Weight g/m2 510 – 550 730 – 780
Operating Temperature - 260OC 260OC

In the pulse jet cleaning process,a pulse of high pressure air is forced downward through the bag causing the dust layer formed on the outside of the filter media to release and fall into the hopper. The advantage of pulse jet cleaning is that the filtration process does not have to stop in order for cleaning to take place and higher air to cloth ratios is possible.

Standard Finish

PTFE This is a premium finish that provides outstanding lubrication for fiber movement. The PTFE finish provides a slick surface for dust release and protection against attack by water borne acids and chemicals. It is the most asked for finish for pulse jet use.
Acid Resistant This finish provides resistance to water borne acids using lower cost ingredients. It is used in pulse jet as well as reverse air baghouses.
SGT This low cost finish is mostly used in reverse air baghouses. It is a light duty finish used when fabric movement is minimal.
ePTFE Membrane Laminating an expanded layer of polytetraflouroethylene (PTFE) to woven fabrics or needled felts, which makes it easier to clean sticky or very fine dust from the fabric and reduces the required cleaning frequency.


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