Applications of PTFE Coated Fiber Glass Fabrics – Adhesive and Non Adhesive

  • covering of pressure rollers of heat sealer for packaging foodstuff, rice bags, chemicals, etc, ;
  • For heat-sealing of plastic films ;
  • Surface covering of sizing rolls for dyeing and plastic processing ;
  • Covering of the roll coater for tacky or adhesive materials ;
  • Covering of friction areas of chutes, hoppers and gude rails,
  • Covering of requiring non-tackiness and plain and smooth surface ;
  • Insulating spacer, covering for insulation of wire connections, other insulation coverings.It can be used for laminating, winding, bundling and sealing purposes as well as electric
  • insulation purpose. Excellent heat-resistance and non-adhesive properties.
  • Main applications , plastic bag sealing machines ;Linings for hopper ;
  •  Class H electrical insulation, Mold releasing purposes 

Applications of Filter fabrics

  • Cement
  • Metal
  • Ceramic
  • Utility Boilers
  • Chemical
  • Smelting
  • Carbon Black
  • Ferro Alloy
  • Fertilizer
  • Power Generation
  • Garbage Incineration
  • And many more

Applications of Aluminum Foil Laminated Fiberglass Fabric

  • Insulation
  • Safety
  • Eaergy saving

Applications of Carbon Fiber Fabrics

1. Physical strength, specific toughness, light weight Aerospace, road and marine transport, sporting goods
2. High dimensional stability, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and low abrasion Missiles, aircraft brakes, aerospace antenna and support structure, large telescopes, optical benches, waveguides for stable high-frequency (GHz) precision measurement frames
3. Good vibration damping, strength, and toughness Audio equipment, loudspeakers for Hi-fi equipment, pickup arms, robot arms
4. Electrical conductivity Automobile hoods, novel tooling, casings and bases for electronic equipments, EMI and RF shielding, brushes
5. Biological inertness and x-ray permeability Medical applications in prostheses, surgery and x-ray equipment, implants, tendon/ligament repair
6. Fatigue resistance, self-lubrication, high damping Textile machinery, genera engineering
7. Chemical inertness, high corrosion resistance Chemical industry; nuclear field; valves, seals, and pump components in process plants
8. Electromagnetic properties Large generator retaining rings, radiological equipment

Applications of Ceramic Fabrics

  • Welding blankets,
  • safety blankets,
  • curtains,
  • expansion joints,
  • protective
  • Insulation covers or shields.

Applications of  Desized and silane treated fiberglass fabrics

  • Reinforced Plastics
  • Electrical
  • Coated and Laminated Fabrics
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Construction

Applications of Fiberglass Mesh Filter Fabrics For Aluminum Filtration

  • As the first step filtration for primary smelting
  • Ingate filtration for sand casting,gravity casting or low pressure die casting
  • As the removal plane to help riser easily to be knock off from castings

Applications of High Silica Fabrics

  • Power Generation (Nuclear Approved)
  • Refinery
  • Shipbuilding & Repair
  • Metal Processing
  • PetroChemical
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • AVS

Applications of PTFE Coated Fiberglass Sewing Thread

  • High Temperature Textiles
  • Safety Spray Shields
  • Braided Sleeving
  • Insulation Jackets
  • Thermal Insulation Pads
  • High Temperature Gaskets
  • Kiln Seals
  • Fire Resistant Composites
  • Welding Blankets
  • Heat Shields

Applications of PTFE Sewing Thread

  • High Temperature Textiles
  • Outdoor Products
  • Filtration Media
  • Safety Spray Shields
  • Insulation Jackets
  • Awnings / Tents
  • Marine Applications
  • Boat Covers

Applications of Silicon Rubber Coated Fiberglass Fabrics  

  • Welding blankets,
  • safety blankets,
  • curtains,
  • expansion joints,
  • protective
  • Insulation covers or shields.

Applications of PTFE Conveyor Belt

  • Screen print dryers / shrink tunnels 
  • Drying textiles and non-woven materials 
  • Side and base sealing auto pack machines 
  • Re-soldering and ink drying cable braiding 
  • Heat-setting synthetic yarns 
  • Curing and cooling extruded rubber products, e.g. Automotive


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