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Supertech Fabrics Pvt Ltd Established in 2016, located on the outskirts of Vadodara , is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of special high temperature filtration products, mainly PTFE Coated Fiber Glass Fabric, One Side Adhesive Tapes, Belts, Silicon Coated Fiber Glass Fabric, Filter Fabric (Woven& Non-Woven), Filter Bags etc. The company has wide range of Application in different industries .We have established ourselves as an extremely reliable customer friendly company, with an on challenge record of extra high quality products and timely delivery.

Group Companies Details

Supertech Fabrics Pvt Ltd is a part of Super Group of Companies, which holds respect in global market for its consistent quality products. The group is multifaceted with product and talent.
Super Industrial Lining Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company which manufactures Fluoropolymers lined pipes, fittings, valves, etc.  For more information, please visit our website www.silcindia.com .
Chemcon Specialty Chemicals Ltd manufactures Pharma Intermediates and drilling chemicals. For more information, please visit our website www.cscpl.com .

From Director’s Desk

Super has grown with the support of its customers &supliers, step by step, conquered Challenges & obstacles.
Our core value: thanksgiving, humble and dedication. Super also made many ancient contributions and remarkable achievements in Fluoropolymers lined products. With a modest beginning in the year 2008 near Vadodara, we have come a long way and are identical to our best Quality Products.
We imaged a future where industry is focused on ‘transforming’ lives through the use of innovative products. Today we stand on the threshold of the future. Super has entered   in to the world of Technical Textiles, with state of the art production facility near Vadodara, India.
With its entry into Technical Textiles, Super has set its foot into creating high engineered fabrics that bring performance advantage to the environment. With inspired imagination and sound technical competence, we aspire to set industry benchmarks in the years to come.

Our Capacity

  • PTFE ,Silicon,Silane Coating(Dipping) Facility,1500 Sq.Mtr / Capacity day.
  • PTFE TAPE (1500Sq.Mtr / Capacity day.)
  • PTFE Membrane Lamination on glass fabrics (capacity 5000 Sq.MtrPerday) (upto 2 Mtr Finish Width)
  • PTFE Laminationon Non-Woven Filter Fabrics 5000 Sq.Mtr Per day cap.(upto 2 Mtr finish width)
  • Adhesive Lamination Machine ( Non-woven,wovenand any type of lamination(PTFE, PVC etc.)

Testing Facility

  • Air permeability
  • Bursting Testing
  • Computerized Fabric Inspection
  • Tensile Testing
  • MVTR (Membrane Testing)

Vision Mission

To be the global leader in the field of technical Textile. which are Environment friendly products in the Industries. With the best value to the customer by honoring our commitments with no compromise on quality by maintaining Integrity .

To Provide the best value to the Customer in Filtration, Packing and Energy saving products, by

  • Constantly innovating by continuous improvements and consistent quality
  • Developing newer, better and cost effective manufacturing processes
  • Developing diversified markets which provide stability and adequate financial returns
  • Applying newer technologies and business practices, for environment friendly and sustainable growth

Technical Services

We at Supertech fabrics provide following services related to bag filter:

  • Filter bags installation supervision
  • Precoatings services
  • Leak detection services
  • Bag house maintenance services on contract basis
  • Bag house audit services
  • Consultation regarding filter bag selection for new project


We at Supertech believe that quality is an only way to make customer happy and to cater long relationship with customer.

We have proper quality check points from raw material to finish product, at every step we check quality to meet customer requirements in terms of fabric specifications, bag dimensions and to meet customer required emission and differential pressure.

What does a QA/QC Program Consist of?

  • Detailed filter fabric and filter bag specifications.
  • Testing of filter fabric, membrane, stitching thread, finished bags, cages, caps, rings, and bag fit.
  • Filter fabric strength, pressure drop, flow, filtration, and construction.
  • Procedures for handling, storage, and shipping of fabric filter bags.
  • Installation oversight.
  • Continued fabric filter bag monitoring.

We have following testing facilities for filter fabric and filter bags

Digital tensile strength tester: This equipment is used to test the strength of the fabric in a particular area which is standard in textile industry, this machine gives digital reading at connected PC and results can be saved for future reference.

Digital bursting strength tester: Bursting strength conducted to burst strength of the fabric, on which force it will be burst and it’s very necessary to conduct this test on filter media to ensure its bursting strength.

Unit- psi (Pound per square inch)
Air permeability tester: Air permeability Is the main demand in filter fabric segment from customer side because air permeability directly connected to filtration efficiency of the fabric because higher air permeability means higher chances of fine dust to go through the fabric, which in terms increase outlet emission.

Unit- L/Dm2/min @20 mmwc

Digital Weighing machine: Digital weighing machine is very useful for check weight of the fabric because weight of the fabric is directly connected to its density and thickness so it’s necessary to know the weight of the fabric we will use for making filter bags.

Unit- GSM (Gram per Square Meter)

thickness tester- Thickness tester is used to do thickness testing of the fabric.

Unit- mm (Milimeter)

Quality & Service:

Our commitment to quality continues throughout the process with our extensive, modern distribution system. In fact Supertech Fabrics has successfully upgraded its ISO registration to 9001:2008 which requires us to plan and manage the processes necessary for the continual improvement of our quality management system.

Quick Response for Smooth Operation:

Supertech Fabrics understands the importance of on-time deliveries. Our manufacturing and customer service teams have the flexibility to react quickly to your critical requirements and will follow your order through every step in the process. We have backup systems in place to ensure accurate and timely deliveries so that your operation continues to run smoothly.

Call us at 02662-222035/36/37 to discuss your filtration fabric needs. We’ll use our experience, innovation and commitment to quality to help you preserve the environment.


Block No. 1401/A & 1401/B, Luna Patiya,
B/h. Elysium Pharma Mahali Talav,
Vil. Dhabasa, Tal. Padra, Dist. Vadodara,
Gujarat Pin Code: 391440. INDIA

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